An AI startup paving a path to immortality

Science fiction is coming to life with, a new startup offering personal digital cloning where anyone can challenge the boundaries of physical limitations with an affordable artificial intelligence that looks, talks, and converses just like you. The new venture empowers individuals to preserve their unique appearance, thoughts, experiences, and memories with a simple 3-step clone creation process

USB Flash Drive “Myself,” containing a personal clone

The innovation opens up a new spectrum of meaningful AI uses, such as allowing future generations to interact with loved ones, enabling fans and followers to engage with their favorite public figures, and helping people understand the viewpoints and experiences of others. Once created, people can interact with the clone via written chat or through vocal conversations.

“With so much uncertainty in the world, we believe it’s important for us, as people, to start collecting information about ourselves as soon as possible,” said founder Alex Shastakovich. “Only then can we ensure that when the time comes, we don’t vanish, but instead leave our lasting presence behind. From grandparents to creatives, everyone has something to share with future generations, and we make it possible to do so forever.”

Creating a digital clone on is a three-step process:

  1. Record your thoughts: users begin by speaking and recording their answers to 25 or more questions in one of 6 supported languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Ukrainian, and Belarusian) to share their thoughts, experiences, and memories.
  2. Construct a lifelike 3D avatar: users then upload selfies from a few different recommended angles to create a lifelike 3D rendering of themselves.
  3. Download your clone: the personal clone is then saved to the cloud and can be shared with others using a link. Users can also download their clone to a safe location or purchase an encrypted USB flash drive with their clone, ensuring the clone will live on forever.

Basic clones are free to make, and unlimited tuning and talking is available with the $20 “Plus” plan. is GDPR compliant and takes the handling of users’ data seriously, including the “right to be forgotten.” All sensitive user information is stored in encrypted databases and storage systems, adhering to the best industry practices. More details are available in the Privacy Policy published on the website.

User registration is now open. Those who are interested in exploring digital immortality are invited to make their clone on